Industrial Machine, Hydraulic System and Industrial Furnace

Our Company

Artech Rekatama is a national company which engaged in manufacture industrial machines, Special parts of machine Industry, Hydraulic machines, Maintenance service, Furnace engineering ,Furnace part ,Refractories service , Electrical Heating system, Steel Fabrication and Dust Collector Supplier.

Artech Rekatama able to produce reliable products and has been widely used in leading industrial companies in Indonesia.

With extensive network, professionalism and commitment to service, we believe it is able to provide quality products and services, reliable, consistent, and has the added value for the achivement of common goals.

We have qualified engineering staff by good and solid team work.

We provide after sales service to supported our products.


PT. ARTECH REKATAMA is an Indonesian Partnership with Tangshan Sailamike trading co., LTD; Luoyang Shennai Power Equipment co., LTD; and PT. Unitech Engineering.